Introducing the Next Generation of Airline Seating: The Evolution of the TiSeat for Embraer Aircraft

As the aviation industry embraces advancements in passenger comfort and experience, a new chapter unfolds with the introduction of the latest TiSeat iteration. The result of a collaboration between renowned mobility designer Andrea Mocellin, Expliseat, and Air France, the newest addition to the HOP! fleet marks a significant evolution towards a passenger-centric design.

A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

At the helm of this pioneering endeavor is Amaury Barberot, CEO of Expliseat, who initiated the project and brought onboard Andrea Mocellin, a renowned independent mobility designer. 

Recognizing a gap in the market for enhanced passenger experiences across cabin classes and aircraft segments, Amaury Barberot saw an opportunity to elevate the standard of airline seating. Reflecting on the creative synergy from their previous collaboration on the eVTOL project for Lilium, he was impressed by Mocellin’s unwavering commitment to passenger-focused design and knew he was the ideal choice to bring this vision to life. With an illustrious career that includes stints at automotive giants like Ferrari and Maserati, as well as innovative startups in accessibility, Mocellin’s ingenuity and dedication perfectly aligned with Barberot’s objectives. Together with Air France, a brand synonymous with excellence in passenger service, they embarked on a mission to transform the TiSeat into a pinnacle of passenger-centric design, addressing the market’s need for superior comfort and functionality in air travel seating.

Driven by a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, the team overcame challenges and pushed boundaries, turning their shared vision into reality.

I chose Andrea Mocellin to design our new seat, the TiSeat 2, based on our previous collaboration on the eVTOL project for Lilium, where his commitment to passenger-focused design truly impressed me. Andrea's work across multiple innovative projects speaks volumes about his ingenuity and creativity. His consistent focus on enhancing user experience and pushing design boundaries made him the ideal choice for pioneering our latest developments

Inspiration and Vision

The design philosophy behind the new seat was deeply rooted in understanding the passenger experience. Drawing inspiration from everyday scenarios encountered during air travel, Mocellin focused on optimizing every aspect, from seating position to in-flight activities. The goal was not just to create a seat but to craft a seamless environment where passengers could work, relax, and indulge in comfort.

The new TiSeat 2 represents a significant departure from its predecessors. While renowned for its lightweight construction and durability, the latest iteration marks a transformative shift towards a passenger-centric ethos. Key objectives included enhancing the passenger experience, prioritizing comfort and ergonomics, and aligning with premium brand identity such as Air France’s

Innovative Features and Design Elements

At the core of the new TiSeat 2 design is the revolutionary PED holder—a multifunctional centerpiece that seamlessly integrates essential amenities such as cup holders, USB ports, and storage compartments, says Mocellin. Another key differentiator in this design is the full backrest, which is not only integrated and central to the overall aesthetic but functionally innovative. It houses the PED holder, the tray table, and the literature pockets, all while being entirely made of carbon fiber, a hallmark of Expliseat’s commitment to lightweight and durable materials.
Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to simplicity, Mocellin, Air France, and Expliseat have crafted a seat that prioritizes both form and function, setting a new standard for elegance and efficiency in airline seating.

Throughout the design process, maintaining a delicate balance between innovation and manufacturability proved to be a formidable challenge. However, through close collaboration with Expliseat’s engineering team, the integrity of the design was preserved, ensuring that every aspect of the new TiSeat 2 reflects the team’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

Elevating the Passenger Experience

The collaboration between Air France, Expliseat, and Andrea Mocellin extends far beyond the confines of design. Together, they have reimagined the passenger experience, with a shared commitment to elevating comfort, convenience, satisfaction, and sustainability. As Andrea Mocellin states, “Thanks to its unique functionalities, this evolution of the TiSeat 2 will lend a new signature to the HOP! fleet and contribute to creating a seamless passenger experience, regardless of age or profession, whether traveling for work or leisure. Whether you’re working, relaxing, drinking, or eating, everything will always be in the right place.”

As the new TiSeat 2 prepares to take flight as part of the HOP! Fleet at the end of 2024, it heralds a new era in air travel. From its sleek aesthetics to its thoughtful integration of amenities, every aspect of the new TiSeat 2 speaks to a shared vision of elegance and sophistication.

A Vision for the Future

In conclusion, the collaboration between Expliseat, Air France, and Andrea Mocellin has given rise to a new standard in airline seating—a fusion of comfort, functionality, sustainability, and elegance that promises to transform the passenger experience. 

While Air France serves as the inaugural adopter, this innovative seating solution will soon be available to airlines worldwide, setting a new standard for comfort and functionality in air travel. We invite industry leaders and airline representatives to be among the first to experience the revolutionary TiSeat 2 at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024.

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