TiSeat 2 V for Turboprop Aircraft

Maximize Your Payload with TiSeat 2 V:

Engineered for Turboprop Aircraft

Unlock the full potential of your turboprop operations with the TiSeat 2, specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of flying in demanding conditions. Whether navigating short runways, remote locations, or areas with obstacles, our seats provide a critical advantage by reducing overall aircraft weight. This reduction translates directly into increased payload capacity and greater revenue opportunities per flight.

Built to endure the rigors of the turboprop environment, the TiSeat 2 combines optimal performance with unmatched durability, ensuring that every flight is as profitable as it is smooth.

TiSeat 2 V Lite

Fuel-Efficient Design: Minimizing Emissions for a Greener Future
  • Fixed backrest
  • Slim cushions
Designed for
  • Low-cost carriers
  • Airline & operators seeking service class distinction

TiSeat 2 V Prime

Versatile & Durable: Meeting Airline Demands Head-On
  • Adjustable recline backrest
  • Larger backrest
  • Contoured cushions
  • In-seat power
  • PED holder
Designed for
  • Network airlines
  • Operators striving for superior passenger experience

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