TiSeat 2 X for Single-Aisle Aircraft

Introducing TiSeat 2 X:

Engineered for the Demands of Single-Aisle Aircraft.

Our seats represent a breakthrough in design, combining lightweight structure with functional sophistication to revolutionize short-haul journeys. Experience the dual advantages of reduced operating costs and decreased carbon emissions, all while providing passengers with a modern and comfortable flying experience.

Discover how the TiSeat 2 can enhance your fleet’s performance and passenger satisfaction, setting your airline apart in the competitive market.

TiSeat 2 X Lite

Fuel-Efficient Design: Minimizing Emissions for a Greener Future
  • Fixed backrest
  • Slim cushions
  • Literature pocket
Designed for
  • Low-cost carriers
  • Airline & operators seeking service class distinction

TiSeat 2 X Prime

Elevated Experience: Tailored Features for Premium Airlines
  • Adjustable recline backrest
  • Contoured cushions
  • In-seat power
  • PED holder
Designed for
  • Network airlines
  • Operators striving for superior passenger experience

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