The TiSeat 2 X Revolutions Begins
Launched at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024.
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TiSeat 2: Where Lightweight Meets Comfort
Revolutionize your airline's efficiency with our breakthrough seating technology that reduces aircraft weight and maximizes operational and financial performance.
Ingenuity that Works
We envision a future in which clean and comfortable mobility solutions can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.
Pioneering the Future of Mobility
Discover how our advanced materials—synthesizing lightness, durability, and comfort—drive the evolution of transportation, reshaping industries with sustainable and economical solutions.
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Expliseat – Ingenuity that Works!

At Expliseat, we are driven by a passion for revolutionizing aircraft seating. Through cutting-edge materials and relentless innovation, we focus on delivering superior products that put the user’s comfort and needs first. Our mission is to enhance mobility with clean, comfortable solutions that allow freedom, exploration, and connection. As the industry leader in lightweight aircraft seating, we blend elegance with functionality to set new standards. Our TiSeats 2, both light and durable, offer unparalleled value for the short-haul market, ensuring that every journey is a remarkable experience.

Revolutionary Technology


Our seats are designed with a titanium framework for unmatched strength and lightness, ensuring durability and efficiency.


Utilizing carbon fiber, our seats are not only lightweight and robust but also fully recyclable, minimizing environmental impact.


Subject to advanced simulations and extensive testing, our seats exceed industry standards for reliability and endurance.

Passenger-Centric Design

Engineered for comfort and style, our seats enhance the passenger experience with sleek, feature-rich designs for ultimate satisfaction.

Pioneering Aircraft Seating Technology

By integrating advanced manufacturing techniques and utilizing premium materials like titanium and carbon fiber, the TiSeat is not only the lightest and strongest on the market but also the most environmentally friendly. Designed with the passenger at heart, TiSeats optimize comfort and durability, making them the perfect choice for airlines focused on enhancing the short-haul travel experience.

Discover how TiSeats can transform your fleet today.

Revolutionizing Seating Beyond the Skies: New Tech Mobility

At Expliseat, our commitment to transforming the way people move extends well beyond the aviation industry. We’re extending our expertise in lightweight and durable seating solutions to ground transportation, VTOL, and more. With a blend of creative ingenuity and unwavering dedication, we engineer the world’s most advanced seating solutions that do not compromise on performance or comfort.

Explore how we are shaping the future of mobility.

We are ensuring that our customers have the most comfortable seats when they fly SpiceJet. The seats that we have ordered are the widest, with the most legroom, and the lightest seats available today and will help reduce fuel burn.

Ajay Singh, CMD, SpiceJet

The TiSeat E2 combines comfort and performance with an enhanced cabin environment. It also reduces approximate annual fuel consumption by 500,000 litres and corresponding CO2 emissions by 1,200 metric tons.

Kevin Jackson, Chief Commercial Officer, Porter Airlines

For our new fleet of Boeing 737-400, we needed to give a fresh look to the interior of our aircraft while also improving performance. The solution put forward by Expliseat is perfect
for us.

Marco Prud’Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation

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