Empowering Tomorrow's Journeys:
New Tech Mobility Redefined
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Empowering Tomorrow's Journeys:
New Tech Mobility Redefined
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Empowering Tomorrow's Journeys:
New Tech Mobility Redefined
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Launching Now

We are integrating our advanced lightweight materials into new industries. Our products, at the convergence of lightness, durability, and comfort, mark a groundbreaking shift in mobility solutions. Economically sound and ecologically conscious, we invite you to witness the dawn of a new era where advanced materials redefine industries and reshape the future of efficient, sustainable transportation.

New Tech Mobility Projects

Ground Transportation

Revolutionary Ground Transportation Seating by Expliseat

Discover the future of transportation seating with our innovative solutions for High-Speed Trains, Regional Lightweight Trains, and Buses. Our seats are 40% lighter than the competition, setting a new standard for efficiency and comfort. Driven by our commitment to meeting industry targets, we’ve developed pioneering materials, creating modular seats that reduce overall train weight.

Enjoy benefits like more passengers, additional equipment, minimal modifications, and reduced energy consumption. We don’t just cut weight; we enhance comfort, redefining the travel experience.


Innovative e-VTOL Seating by Expliseat

Weighing just 7kg per passenger, our e-VTOL seats deliver superior comfort compared to traditional helicopter seating. Compliant with CS23 and CS27 standards, our innovative energy absorption system enhances safety and flexibility. 

Increase range and payload capacity while minimising energy consumption and carbon footprint. Discover the future of efficient and comfortable air travel with Expliseat.


Redefining Foldable Bicycles for Zero Carbon Mobility

Embark on a journey of sustainable urban mobility with the powerful partnership of BASTILLE and Expliseat. Leveraging our engineering expertise, we proudly present BASTILLE – an advanced foldable bicycle designed to redefine zero-carbon mobility. 

Eight years of research, two years of industrial development, and three patents have culminated in a unique blend of efficiency and magic, offering a revolutionary foldable bike experience.

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