TiSeat 2:

Where Comfort, Durability, and Lightweight Design Meet

A Game-Changer in the Industry

Aircraft seating stands as the pivotal point where passengers directly interact with your brand. However, the aviation industry is evolving, demanding solutions that go beyond mere comfort. Airlines must navigate challenges such as emissions reduction, on-time performance, and cost optimization to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Meet TiSeat 2 – a game-changer in the aviation industry. Designed to merge unparalleled comfort with robust functionality and lightweight construction, our TiSeat 2 not only enhances passenger experience but also contributes to reducing operating costs. With TiSeat 2, airlines can achieve the perfect synergy between passenger satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Introducing TiSeat 2

The lightest seat in the skies, acclaimed by top airlines and major OEMs. Crafted with cutting-edge titanium and composite fiber technology, TiSeat 2 redefines in-flight comfort and efficiency.

The Lightest

Up to 30% Lighter 
Than Competitor Seats

The Strongest

Up to 10X More Robust
Than Competitor Seats


30% Lower Carbon

Passenger-Centric Design

Awarded 50% Better

TiSeat 2: Tailored Seating Solutions for Airlines

TiSeat 2 for Single-Aisle Aircraft

Our TiSeat 2 for single-aisle aircraft are industry-leading, lightweight solutions tailored for the short-haul market, emphasizing both outstanding comfort and sophisticated style. Designed with the modern traveller in mind, they offer a perfect blend of ergonomics and aesthetic appeal, with customizable features that allow airlines to align with their brand and passenger expectations.

Durable and easy to maintain, the TiSeat 2 is ideal for airlines operating single-aisle aircraft that seek to deliver an exceptional travel experience while optimizing operational efficiencies.

TiSeat 2 for
Turboprop Aircraft

Our TiSeat 2 for turboprop aircraft seamlessly combine lightweight efficiency with durable design to address the specific challenges of turboprop operations.

Made from advanced, lightweight materials, they help reduce the overall weight of the aircraft, which is crucial for achieving better fuel efficiency and lower operating costs—key considerations in the less accessible or rough-terrain destinations often serviced by turboprops.

TiSeat 2 X for Regional Jet Aircraft

Our TiSeat 2 X is expertly crafted to meet the specific demands of regional jet operations, offering an ideal blend of lightweight design, customizable features, and robust durability.

Constructed from high-quality, lightweight materials, the TiSeat 2 X reduces overall aircraft weight, leading to decreased fuel consumption and enhanced cost-efficiency—crucial for the frequent take-offs and landings characteristic of regional routes.

TiSeat 2 Material and Design Excellence

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