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Expliseat announces the nominations of Amaury Barberot as CEO and Benjamin Saada as Chairman

From left to right: Benjamin Saada, Chairman and Amaury Barberot, CEO

  • Ensuring continuity with reinforced leadership
  • Strategic diversification of activities towards sustainable mobilities
  • A new identity bearing the colors of Expliseat’s aeronautic heritage and of Expliseat’s ambition for the years to come. 

Paris, 23/12/21 – French technology company Expliseat, creator of the world’s lightest aircraft seat, announces the nomination of Amaury Barberot to the new position of CEO.  Benjamin Saada, co-founder of the company and co-inventor of the TiSeat, becomes Chairman.


Founded in 2011, Expliseat has developed ultralight seating technology contributing to more efficient mobilities, thus lowering the passengers’ carbon footprint, thanks to the use of high-performance materials. As the second decade of Expliseat begins, the company is stepping forward as a key player in technological innovation towards the sustainability transition of transportation. The decision to expand the board of directors will support the growth of the company.

A strategic diversification with an unchanged focus: saving weight to decrease CO2 emissions.


With the accelerating development of low-carbon mobilities (electric, hydrogen, …) comes an increased need for weight reduction. As a matter of fact, current energy storage technologies do not allow to easily reach the expected performances (autonomy, payload capacity, …). Achieving lighter seats contributes to the efforts to reach expected performance levels for these means of transportation.

At the request of several players in the field of low-carbon mobility, Expliseat applied its technology to various means of transportation: VTOL, trains, bikes, electric boats, etc. Technical and economic case studies have demonstrated the relevance of Expliseat’s technology for such applications, as well as the significant savings opportunities for the operators. In this context, the company recently signed two confidential contracts to provide solutions adapted to new platforms. 

Over the past ten years, Expliseat has successfully applied its technology, first to regional aviation, then to short-haul and medium-haul aviation, reducing aircraft weight by 600 to 1 800 kg and C02 emissions per passenger by 1 to 5%, while complying with the same levels of safety requirements. Expliseat therefore offers airlines a solution to immediately reduce their carbon footprint. Given the current stakes for a cleaner aviation, backed by the whole aeronautic industry, aeronautics is and will remain the main sector of activity for Expliseat in the coming years.

A new identity to celebrate our technological journey and pave the way for Expliseat 2030.


To reflect its aeronautic heritage and the new diversification of its activities, Expliseat has chosen to renew its visual identity. The new brand identity relies on a fully-redesigned website and a color palette evocative of innovation, technological advancement and Expliseat’s vision.

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