The Titanium Seat

Not just a lighter seat,
a better aircraft


For outstanding performance, Expliseat uses the most resistant materials certified for aerospace: Carbon Fiber and Titanium last 1,000 times longer than aluminum.

Innovative Design,
tray table

Carbon fiber associated with a unique hinge mechanism designed by Expliseat is able to resist the most critical load up to 90kg

Innovative Design,
Press Pocket

It can carry any size of passenger item but stays unbreakable. Combining reliability of metal and elasticity of plastics, Expliseat introduces the first high performance press pocket.

Custom Styling Choices

Titanium Seat can be customized to fit any airline's needs of material, color, shape and marketing.

Precision & quality

Parts are processed with the highest standards of manufacturing to offer the longest Mean Time Between Failure and ensure maximum safety for passengers.